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Our Story

Early days

I have always loved cooking. Born into a punjabi family food was at the very heart of the family. My earliest memories of childhood revolve around food. While my sisters and cousins were playing outside, I remember preferring to be in the kitchen. I have fond memories of being in our kitchen as my mum and aunties buzzed around busily, chopping, peeling, grinding and cooking. I was fascinated with the process of how these simple raw ingredients and spices would be carefully put together to create food bursting with flavour and some of the most wonderful aromatic dishes that I had ever tasted! This is where my love affair with culinary delights began!


I am passionate about food. During my University years I loved nothing more than inviting friends over and cooking them home cooked Indian food. I really enjoyed making the food and especially loved being able to let them experience first hand that real Indian food which is freshly cooked and true to traditional recipes, is light, wholesome, flavoursome and healthy, unlike the mass produced, greasy, fat laden commercial Indian food that they were accustomed to.

Myself and my husband jo share a passion for tasty food. We love cooking it, eatin it and sharing it. We have spent many a weekend hosting dinner parties for our friends and loved nothing more than working together to create a tasty array of Indian dishes to be enjoyed by everyone.

We have travelled all over the world together trying out different dishes and cuisines. After travelling around south east Asia we developed a real love for streetfood.


How it all started

Our business idea came about from eating too many terrible, unhealthy Indian takeaways while living in London. The Indian food available does such an injustice to the wonderful aromas and flavours of true Indian home cooking. Our aim was to change this negative perception and to let people experience just how delicious true Indian cooking is!

After working in the city for a corporate international law firm for six years, I knew it was time for change and to pursue our passion and follow our dream of creating great tasty, healthy Indian food which could be enjoyed by everyone!


Sonita’s specialises in home cooked curries which are true to traditional Indian recipes, only using premium ingredients and very little oil. The flavours are created by complex combinations of freshly prepared spice mixes ground individually for each dish using special stone grinders. These are  then cooked in a carefully orchestrated sequence. We prepare our dishes authentically in the same  manner, with no short cuts. Specialist whole spices are imported from India to maintain quality and freshness. Wherever possible our ingredients are ethically sourced. We use natco spices and they give 85% of their profits to charity!

Our dream

Our dream was to make it possible for food lovers like us to be able to enjoy delicious, quality, home cooked Indian food on the go. Sonita’s Kitchen opened in Camden Lock in September 2009 and we have been serving healthy Indian food there since (Location).

Next we wanted people to not only be able to have our food on the go, but also in the comfort of their own homes, hence launching our ‘fresh food for your fridge’ Indian food range. In November 2012 after having our son we moved from London to St Albans. Being a working mum of two, I know too well that today’s fast paced lifestyles make it hard to find the time to make authentic curry as and when you want it. Delicious Indian food takes a great deal of time and patience to prepare and cook.


A number of my friends who had tried my food requested that when I was making my batches of curry, that I made a little extra for them. This way they could have delicious Indian curry in the comfort of their homes, at their convenience without having to spend the time making it from scratch themselves!

Being health conscious, they wanted Indian food that was not only convenient, but healthy too, which they could trust, containing no preservatives or additives so that it could be enjoyed by the whole family, children included!

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After serving food to customers visiting our stall in Camden for a number of years, I now wanted people to have the option of enjoying my food in the comfort of their own homes too. This is how Sonita’s ‘fresh food for your fridge’ was born!

The beauty of this is that delicious, authentic Indian food, cooked using traditional methods is delivered straight to your door which you can have at your convenience! (Home delivery)

We love what we do and we hope you do too and our dream continues.

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