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About Us


Welcome to the spirit

of true Indian cooking!

At Sonita’s we make delicious healthy Indian food which captures the real taste of North Indian cuisine. We are a small family run business based in Camden Lock Market in London serving delicious healthy Indian street food. (Location) We also offer a home delivery service of our ‘fresh food for your fridge’ food range. (Home Delivery)

In india the tastiest food is not found in restaurants but at street stalls or simply at home. These are prepared with an array of freshly ground spices combined in a special sequence.  At Sonita’s we want to capture this and bring you real Indian food which tastes just like the food we eat at home. 

Our distinctive menu features a variety of North Indian vegetarian, chicken, lamb and seafood dishes carefully prepared to accommodate diverse tastes and preferences.  Sonita’s prides itself on preparing all the curries fresh from scratch, using only the best quality cuts of meat and freshest vegetables available.

Why we are different

Please do not expect conventional curry house food, pretending to be Indian food.  What we produce is the real deal! We use freshly sourced produce, and spices that we grind ourselves daily.  There is no room for the one sauce fits all approach that is often used in Indian restaurants and takeaways.  All curries are cooked without ghee or butter, but only a very small amount of oil.  Our food not only tastes great but is healthy and low fat too!

Only premium quality meat, seafood and vegetables are used.  In the chicken dishes chicken breast is used.  In the lamb dishes we use the leg of the lamb. All fat, gristle and bones are removed from the meat in preparation. We do not use any additives or preservatives. The curries only contain the meat or vegetables stipulated, fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger and our individual spice blends.


Curry Love:

‘Sonita only cooks with olive oil and the leanest meat, creating North Indian food that’s deliciously fresh, fast and healthy.  Choose from bubbling pots of meat, fish and veggie curries, then watch as the contents are combined with authentic pickles and salad to make fabulous roti wraps and rice boxes’. – Food and Drink Magazine

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